from the Buckley’s Cough Syrup website…

Why does it taste so bad?
Because Buckley’s Mixture has a herbal base, ingredients such as Canada balsam, menthol, camphor and pine needle oil give Buckley’s a taste which most people describe as awful.

Why don’t you make it taste better?
Put simply, we can’t. We believe the very ingredients that make it taste so bad are the very ingredients that make it work so well. Let’s face it though, the sacrifice is well worth the relief it brings, isn’t it?

How can I make it taste better?
Some recommendations from loyal Buckley’s users are:
“Take it with a spoonful of honey”
“Mix it with a small amount of your favorite juice”
“Add a small amount of warm water to make it go down smoother”
“Drink some juice immediately after to chase the taste away”
“Plug your nose”
“Keep it in the refrigerator”

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