I’m always half-convinced that the world hates me. Sad. I have to stop thinking that way.

In other news… we were bored in #livejournal on Warpednet IRC… so we made up stuff to talk about.

JenEATING is now known as JenBORED
You(JennyLee) are now known as JenBORED2
JenBORED> heh 🙂
JenBORED2> so what’s new?
JenBORED> nothin’
JenBORED> you?
JenBORED2> nada
JenBORED> figures, it’s so damned boring today
JenBORED2> yeah
JenBORED2> tis
JenBORED> raining here.
JenBORED> it’s been raining forever.
JenBORED2> it’s overcast here
JenBORED2> it may rain tomorrow
JenBORED2> I don’t know
JenBORED2> I haven’t seen the news
JenBORED2> I could check online, I guess.
JenBORED> me either
JenBORED2> maybe it’ll snow
JenBORED> I’m watching entertainment tonight. it’s boring.
JenBORED2> I’d like that.
JenBORED> wow, snow…tha’d be cool
JenBORED2> It hasn’t been cold enough for snow yet.
JenBORED2> cat on lap
JenBORED2> purring, happy cat
JenBORED> i wish i had a cat 🙂
Artyste> been cold enough for snow here.. but hasn’t yet
Artyste> snowed that
Artyste> is
JenBORED> we’ve just had rain, and oodles of it
Artyste> We have the same last name.. my dad and I that is
JenBORED> after a summer long drought
JenBORED2> we had a cloudy rainy week last week.
JenBORED2> I like snow better
JenBORED2> I miss snow
Artyste> It’s just been gray and dry and icky here
JenBORED> i miss snow too
JenBORED2> don’t get as much snow here as where I grew up.


  • ex_oki86

    November 13, 2000 at 2:17 am

    Artyste> We have the same last name.. my dad and I that is

    ThunderWolf> You know… I invented snow.

    Hey… cheer up bucko. The world doesn’t hate you. It just likes to give you a good fight.

    oh, and PS. Suraklin is a lemming. ;>

  • mithoviel

    November 13, 2000 at 3:06 am

    When all else fails, talk about the weather.