How many freaks and weirdos run for mayor in YOUR city? (Again, taken from the Star…)

The Drag Queen/Supermodel
Enza Anderson – Self-employed as a cleaner and active as a community volunteer, Anderson has been cleaning up on publicity thanks to his drag queen/supermodel persona. He’d create a task force to look into setting up a red light district.

The Pirate (ARR)
Douglas Campbell – This retired sea captain tried several times to lead the national and provincial New Democrats. He’d create a `Ban the Bomb’ group and instil socialist values and other political philosophies at the elementary school level.

Daniel Carras – A research scientist working on artificial intelligence, Carras says he’d repeal the city’s anti-idling bylaw because it isn’t working. He also favours having recycling bins in all grocery stores for cans, bottles and other recyclables.

The drug dealer/pimp/schoolteacher
Kevin Clarke – Homeless and a self-described `con, drug dealer, pimp and schoolteacher,’ Clarke is campaigning on a platform of ensuring safe drinking water, empowering the poor, and solving the homeless crisis.

High School Teacher #1
George Dowar – Landed immigrants should be able to vote now, says Dowar, a high school science teacher. He’d put specific issues on the ballot and let voters decide, as well as use taxpayers’ money to begin cleaning up Lake Ontario.

the guy with the roommates
Dave DuMoulin – Not running an active campaign. DuMoulin left town at the height of the campaign, his housemates say, and they have no idea when he’ll be back in Toronto. He’s left them no word of his stand on the issues.

Tim Duncan – A film accountant, Duncan would reduce smog by limiting access to the downtown core by private vehicles. He’d also look into turning unused government buildings into homeless shelters and homes for the elderly.

the advertising exec
Brian Fischer – Not really campaigning, Fischer – an advertising executive – says he decided to run for the job after talking with co-workers. He’d focus on a slew of minor things, including parking and sewage and water treatment.

The sidewalk chalk artist
Victor Fraser – It’s time to bring young people into the political arena, says Fraser, a sidewalk artist. He’d build a place for the homeless outside the city and provide them with more programs, and boost our Olympic bid with a subway to the airport.

The hippie guy
Tooker Gomberg – A former Edmonton city councillor, Gomberg hasn’t been shy about confronting the incumbent. He’d earmark 1 per cent of Toronto’s budget for homeless issues and introduce large-scale composting.

The woman who wants a redlight district
Hazel Jackson – A student and community volunteer, Jackson says Toronto needs a red light district to remove prostitution from residential neighbourhoods. She’d challenge developers to integrate high-end condos with low-income housing.

the street musician / cayenne pepper guy (I’ve seen this guy on the street…)
Ben Kerr – A Toronto institution, street musician Kerr would establish a speaker’s corner to give everyone a say, and help drug addicts ditch the habit with a specially-mixed cayenne pepper-carrot juice cocktail.

Josef Klinghoffer – A construction consultant, Klinghoffer would offer the homeless winter getaways in the Dominican Republic, and shelter them in a commune outside Toronto. He’d eliminate property taxes for people over 50.

the student
Kevin Knopman – A York U. political science student, Knopman would expand the city’s subway system, and consider a link to York’s campus. He supports Toronto’s bid for the 2008 Olympics, and increase garbage pickups to twice weekly.

Steven Lam – It’s time to restore mutual respect and trust between city council and its public service unions, says businessman Lam. He’d lease – but not sell – under-utilized public assets, and increase affordable housing.

The current Mayor of Toronto / the furniture store salesman
Mel Lastman – Incumbent. Toronto’s de facto cheerleader, Lastman wants to reduce city garbage by 60 per cent in 2006, and see almost everything recycled by 2010. He’d also make Community Action Policing permanent.

the X-file
Diana-De Maxted – No information available. Maxted has not responded to repeated requests for information on her campaign or her stand on the issues. There’s no record to suggest that she’s ever run here before for public office.

the comedian
Frenchie McFarlane – A comedian who’s run for mayor before, McFarlane is in favour of the city’s 2008 Olympic bid, favours a waterfront regeneration plan and rip out the Gardiner. He’d also increase garbage pickup citywide to twice a week.

Teacher #2
Duri Naimji – A substitute teacher, Naimji would appeal to the public to help ease the homeless crisis by accepting homeless people into their own homes, and turn empty buildings into shelters. He also supports Toronto’s Olympic bid.

The health Nut
David Predovich – A billing systems analyst, Predovich would push for the effective and widespread marketing of nutritional and athletic programs in community centres to improve the health of all Torontonians.

The taxi owner
Kevin Richardson – A taxi owner, Richardson would eliminate red light cameras, and force all Toronto politicians to take a course – at their own expense – in moral ethics. He’d also ban movie shoots in the downtown core during rush hour.

The trucker
Thomas Shipley – A retired trucker, Shipley would end all social programs, arguing that charity is the private business of every citizen. He’d curb spiralling crime rates by tackling what he says is the real problem – charter rights.

Student #2
King Siu – A computer networking student at Seneca, Siu says he’d introduce internships at city hall to encourage political involvement, create more secure shelter space for the homeless, and push for more affordable housing.

The swimming instructor
Marcos Solorzano – A swimming instructor, Solorzano wants Toronto to get its recycling act together, arguing the city could turn garbage into cash. He’d make Toronto more bicycle-friendly and work on creating more green spaces.

The Meat Packer
John Steele – Against the 2008 Olympic bid and waterfront redevelopment, Steele, a meat packer, will lobby for a 30-hour work week and hike the minimum wage to $14 an hour. He feels working people must do more to fight capitalism.

Abel Van Wyk – A regular in Toronto’s mayoral race, Van Wyk is drumming up support for his Lake Ontario causeway plan, which would see a fixed link running along Toronto’s waterfront to connect Highway 401 with the QEW.


  • daruba

    November 13, 2000 at 11:29 am

    what a collection, eh? Makes you wanna say OUCH!

    I luv the union meatpacker versus the retired trucker. Cage match there, two go in, one comes out!

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      November 13, 2000 at 11:41 am

      Woohoo!! I’d pay to see that! 🙂

  • cyn

    November 13, 2000 at 12:15 pm

    well if nothing else, we’ll certainly have a colourful character in office – no matter who wins!

    i’d almost vote for Kerr – he’s got it goin on!

  • medlir

    November 13, 2000 at 12:37 pm


    After reading all that to my little brother, he says he’ll run to be your mayor too. He says he doesn’t know anything about being a mayor but he likes video games and snack foods. Vote my little brother into office!

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      November 13, 2000 at 12:43 pm

      Re: Hey!

      Hehehehe… I like video games and snack foods!! I’m sold!

  • strange

    November 13, 2000 at 2:43 pm

    um… do I know him?

    So there I am at the voting booth. I am a good citizen after all and ALWAYS vote. And I am scanning down the list of potential mayors and I see the name Dave DuMoulin and I scan by it, then stop dead. I used to know a guy named Dave DuMoulin in the early nineties. Wonder if it’s the same person? That’s something I will probably never know, at any rate I didn’t vote for him.