I’m watching the Cats sprawl on the Ottoman while I sit here at work. Jay & I took the streetcar in together this morning… we ran into Lori and Zoltan. It was funny. He’s at work now, too, and he seems to like it there thus far… it’s weird, since I know a lot of people there. Lori and I went to meet Jay there after work last night, and I ended up talking to Zoltan, (who had to take off,) and then Aphyd (who also happens to be Cyn‘s boi,) and Nab, (who also happens to be Boo‘s boi…) Everyone I know works with Jay and almost all of them have URL’s!! Ack!

I think I left the settings on the fneu cam a bit too dark today… they were too bright on monday. Oh well, I’ll figure it out eventually. At least I can tell that Dayle is sleeping on the Ottoman.

Greetings Jenny —
Here is your horoscope for Wednesday, November 15:
Usually haste makes waste, but for now it’s a positive force. A fast decision leaves you extra time to have fun. Fresh food is far more nourishing than something that’s been sitting around for awhile.


  • Anonymous

    November 15, 2000 at 8:13 am

    i,m just wondering…i used to be able to see your cam…but now i can’t for a couple of weeks….not to great with my computer used to work on a mac, now on a pc with only 56k modem…is it some thing on my end

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      November 15, 2000 at 8:25 am

      Hmm… well, I’m watching the cam right now, and I’m on a PC… I don’t know why it would be having problems, unless you’ve got java turned off or something like that… I haven’t heard from anyone else about problems either. 🙁