I had a very strange dream this morning after Jay left for work. I’m going to put as much as I can remember of it down here.

I was Ally McBeal, and my boss was involved in fine art smuggling. Considering I don’t watch Ally McBeal at all, this is odd in itself.

My brother, an attractive and innocent transvestite type who made for an absolutely stunning woman, got conned into smuggling fine art for my boss, although neither of us knew what was going on until after it had already happened.

After going to work for a while, we went out to dinner at a mall with the boss, and Peter (a guy I work with who was only in the dream for like 2 minutes of dream time.) On the way to dinner in the mall, my brother and I got lost in the mall and kept running into people I know, or used to know… I saw Kim, who quit work 2 weeks ago, and I saw Roberta, who I went to college with and have only run into once in the last 3 years. We finally got on a bus that took us around to the other end of the mall (I guess that made more sense than walking through the mall??) and found the boss and the restaurant we were going to.

Over dinner, my transvestite brother realized that s/he had smuggled illegal paintings for my boss, and wanted to set things right. He went back to the boss’s compound (more than a mansion, it was like a massive ranch or something) and seduced the boss.

When the boss realized what was going on, my transvestite brother had to run away. He made it outside the house, and two men started chasing him with guns. He ran towards a 40 foot high (approx.) wall of rocks – it was an uneven wall, like the rocks had just been dumped there in a big pile. For some reason I had this feeling that I had to rescue him, so I showed up at the top of the wall of rocks, and we half jumped, half fell to the bottom of the other side, where we had to hide underneath more rocks.

We hid under some huge rocks, occasionally peeking out above us to see if the people with guns were still there. At some point, a third person arrived to help us, but I’m not sure who that was. We talked for a bit without looking up, until we remembered again just why we were hiding under a rock wall, and looked above us again. The men were gone, and they hadn’t climbed down after us. This worried us, for some reason, so we took off running for the only way out of the compound (of course there was only one…)

As we ran, I noticed that the area in front of the wall looked like a big department store… there were racks of fine dresses that I tried to hide in as we ran across the front lawn. We somehow picked up another friend of ours on this mad dash for the gate, but we got stopped there when we arrived. There were four of us by then, including me and my transvestite brother.

The gun-toting bad guys played mind games with us for a while, as we tried desperately to figure out how to escape. They had us cornered, and although someone managed to kick the guns out of two of the guys’ hands, they had more of them ready.

Finally, the lead henchman of the boss (there’s always a lead henchman in these organizations,) walked away for a minute, leaving us standing with the other bad guys guarding us. He came back, handed two shotguns to me, and told me to shoot all of my friends, starting with my brother. At close range. With shotguns. The only thing that crossed my mind was just how messy that would be, and that I had to figure out how to get out of this mess alive with my friends.

I told him I couldn’t… then said that one of the rifles was way too heavy and put it down… then I said that the other one was too heavy, and put it down, picking up the first one again. I was really just stalling for time, trying to think of how to save the day. I really had no idea, and I was running out of stalling tactics. I considered shooting at the lead henchman guy, but when I turned toward him with the shotgun he figured out what I was doing and turned me back towards my cornered friends.

And that’s when I woke up, so I have no idea how it ended, which really pisses me off. Did we all die? Did I get the nerve to shoot the bad guy with the shotgun he gave me, even though it would have gotten me killed since he still had a handgun? Did I shoot my friends? Did the henchman guy shoot me?

What the hell is THIS dream about?

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  • Anonymous

    November 17, 2000 at 1:03 pm


    well, that’s a bit of undigested bologna. or bad mustard, or something like that. seems like you’re starting to feel stifled in some area of your life (work?) and are searching for a safe spot to run away to. a lot of your dreams follow this pattern…. notice?

    as for shooting your buds, the gist of it likens to being forced into a bad situation, where your decisions (or lack of them) could possibly hurt the ones you love.

    very strange. that’s a good one – beats mine of my stepsister summoning spirits, while I chew away on a piece of dried bacon 😉