Darcy asked a question in the I have a Secret forums about meteor showers, and if we had any memories of them… I read it and was instantly taken back to a time that feels like a lifetime ago. I thought I would post it here, too.

At the cottage in the Laurentian mountains, Lac Louisa to be precise (not to be confused with Lake Louise in Alberta…)

We had driven the three hours to get up there, my family and I. My older brother and I dumped our stuff in the cottage and ran down to the darkened boathouse. We pulled out the canoe and put it in the water, and took off into the darkness, leaving everyone else behind. I don’t know if they called after us, we just didn’t care.

The canoe slid silently over the water in the darkness, and we barely said anything to each other. We left behind the city, our family, our lives, just for a little while, and the stars started falling… all around us there was nothing but water and sky, and the night was absolutely magical, and the sky really did go on forever. It was the most incredible thing I had ever experienced.

I wonder if he remembers that night. I wonder if I dreamed it. I wonder if the canoe still sits on the boathouse dock, and if the sky still goes on forever… And I know that I can never go back there again. I don’t regret any of it, but sometimes I miss the lake and the sky.