I hurt a whole lot today, but I brought it on myself so I really can’t complain…

My computer stayed off all day yesterday. I got up relatively early in the morning (relatively early, for a weekend,) and got a call from Lori. She wanted to know (it was about 9am) if I wanted to go downtown to a free yoga clinic with her… but we had to leave in the next little while. I said okay, and threw some clothes on.

There were two classes we went to, one was Chakra Yoga, which would have been a lot better had we been able to hear the teacher, and the other was Ashtanga yoga, which is the one that we’ve been taking at the gym. The Chakra yoga was pretty easy, not strenuous at all, and we got to yell and kick at the air and stuff like that. That class was an hour and 45 minutes long. The Ashtanga yoga was a whole lot more difficult – the teacher was more demanding than our wednesday night teacher, and he moved a lot faster through the poses and stuff… and it was an hour and 45 minutes… that’s 45 minutes longer than our usual class goes for.

By the time we were done, we were both rather tired… but I had told Jay that I would meet him at the Toys R Us to find him stuff for his cubicle. We wandered around there for a bit, then we walked to the comic store (Silver Snail,) where Jay picked up a Rebel Blockade runner (but that’s not really what it is… he says it’s a corellian corvette) Anyhow… that ship from the beginning of Star Wars episode IV – the one that Leia was on. So he got that, and I found a Selphie that was on sale, so I picked her up. Selphie rocks. I have her hair.

We then went to Suspect Video, where they were playing the South park collection of christmas songs, and when we left I had “Dredel dredel dredel, I made you out of clay..” going through my head for the whole trip home.

When we got home, Lori & I watched Don Juan Demarco – my mother gave me that video a couple of years ago, and I forgot to watch it. Well, now I’ve seen it. I still like Johnny Depp a whole lot. Don Juan Demarco was a cute movie.

After the movie we went out to Japango, a new japanese restaurant across the street. We had some sushi and seafood teriyaki. They had a clock there that was completely backwards. All the numbers were reversed, and the clock was running in reverse, but it was still pointing at the right time… only reversed. so… the 12 was at the top, the 11 was where 1 should be, the 10 was where two should be, and the 1 was where 11 should be… and since it was 9:00 when we got there, the short hand pointed to the nine (which was where 3 should be) and it really messed my mind up. I was highly amused.

Lori went home, Jay & I went home, Jay messed with the third computer (which he’s trying to turn into gateway so we can get rid of the second IP. It’s no longer a windows machine. I watched mindless television for a little while (I hate television, I have determined this fact yet again,) and then went to bed around 11:15 or so, still exhausted from yoga and walking around all day.

I woke up this morning at 10ish… I was dreaming before I woke up, but the only thing I can remember about the dream is that we were going somewhere in a van or something. There was a lot of driving. I woke up because I suddenly couldn’t breathe (in real life, not in the dream…) It was weird. I just suddenly felt like I was suffocating, and told myself to wake up, which I did. And I woke up with the worst headache. It seems to be fading a little bit now, at least.


  • ex_oki86

    November 19, 2000 at 1:07 pm

    “I am the world’s greatest lover.”

    I kinda liked the movie too. My roommate’s a big movie buff so I bothered to watch it on his recommendation.

  • Anonymous

    November 20, 2000 at 12:07 am


    been a huge Johnny Depp fan ever since his ’21 Jumpstreet’ days. he was my first ever obsessive moviestar crush. he’s still damn sexy 😉