I’m tired today… I was up too late last night, I think. I’ve been doing tonnes of editing today. I guess tomorrow I’ll attempt to put some stories together… then I’ll forget about being here for two weeks.

Have you visited I have a Secret today? We’re trying to plan for SecretCon 2001, being held in Toronto next spring.


Greetings Jenny —
Here is your horoscope for Thursday, November 23:
You believe in ownership by right of discovery. A flexible relationship
allows you to explore areas that some might consider off-limits.
People respect you for your advantages as long as you don’t flaunt

I envy other people their talents far more than I tend to appreciate my own. It’s always been that way. I may be able to do this, but someone else I know and respect does it far better than I do, and likely better than I ever will, so I envy and get discouraged and not really want to do what I was doing anymore at all. I’m having trouble making my thoughts coherent right now, I’m groggy with tiredness and my brain’s not working right.