I like Blue Rodeo, and I might be a bit defensive about it

I got the guys to play Blue Rodeo for me on the speakers! 🙂 I realize this doesn’t mean anything to anyone but me, but usually if I say I like Blue Rodeo I get a few remarks about how much they suck or whatever, and it pisses me right off. So they’re not some elitist fucking jazz band, and they are relatively mainstream in Canada, and they write a lot of acoustic upbeat stuff and a lot of ballads… that doesn’t make it okay for the musical elitist bastards that I seem to spend a lot of time around to say that they suck because of it.

Yes, it really pisses me off when anyone gets nastily elitist around me. It really bothers me when people hate something simply because it sounds mainstream, or gets played on the radio, or actually sells albums. And it doesn’t make me some sort of mindless atomaton just because I like them.

So if you don’t like Blue Rodeo, just don’t even TALK to me about it.

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  • magicwoman

    November 24, 2000 at 3:20 pm

    Thanks JennyLee!

    I had never heard of the group before you mentioned them in your journal. Found out David had a CD of theirs and found two on Ebay. . . Now I listen to them and enjoy their music!