I went out to the drug store, so that’s one thing done. I also walked around the park and down to the beach with my camera, and finally took some photos with my black & white film. The Squirrels posed for me. Squirrels are odd little beasties… they were definitely city park squirrels, they ran right up to me looking for treats. When I was down at the beach, a dog ran up to me looking for treats, too… I must look like someone who likes to give animals food they don’t really need. Go figure.

I haven’t eaten yet. I’m going over to Cyn‘s place to touch up my hair a bit, around four o’clock. I guess I really should start packing and stuff. I phoned to verify the flight, it’s still on track and such. I have to call the taxi place and find out what their flat rate is to the airport. I’ll do that now, I guess, and then I’ll eat.