Well, I’m in Vancouver, as you may have figured out by now. I’m just trying to get my body aligned with the time of day it is here… I feel like it’s 9:00 and the clock tells me that it’s just after 6:00. Oh well

let the moonlight make you bright-eyed for a while…

Trying to memorize a song. I’m going to do a demo of it for my friend Safyre, and he might convince the people he’s working with to let me record the song for them if my demo is good enough. I’ve listened to it over and over 6 times or so, and I still like it… I think I can do a lot with it. I know I can sing.

I’m going to set up the cam here shortly. I already downloaded and installed Xircon and Kano 15, so I’m set for IRC. I’m such a Junkie. I’m also reading through my friends list, which goes back a lot farther than I remember it previously being able to. Upgrages??

So… Trip update.

Took a cab to the airport. It was expensive, but worth it, the hassle would have driven me mental otherwise. It was flat rate, at least, so I knew what it was going to be. Was at the airport and checked in early, so I just had to sit around waiting for the plane at that point. It left on time, I got a window seat. The flight was entirely uneventful. I looked out the window a whole lot of the time, actually… I got more sun than I’ve seen in ages. It was cloudy the whole trip, though, except for a small patch over what might have been northern Alberta. That constitutes the only snow I’ve seen yet this year… from 32,000 feet up, flying over alberta. Lovely. I want snow.

Vancouver arrival: It was raining. It always rains when I come to vancouver. Merv (mom’s wonderful hubby,) picked me up from the Airport. He’s such a sweetheart. I went over to mom’s work with him, and then we went to Price Costco (wooohoo! just like old times!!) and came home and made pizza. Mom’s doing my laundry. I’m a sad, pathetic individual… bringing my laundry home across the country for my mom to do. *sigh*

I’ve been catching up on livej and email and such ever since. I have no plans for tomorrow… mom & merv are working, I guess I’ll stay home and do stuff. Or something. Maybe I’ll get mom to take me to Long & McQuade to rent a guitar. Yes… that’s an idea. And I’ll finish learning this song. Such a lovely song.