I guess Jay went out tonight… I tried calling him, but he’s not at home, or he’s sleeping. I’m at the Citypulse 24 website to see what’s going on in toronto right now… just in case there’s been another fire out in the Beaches. Call me paranoid, but I get a little worried from time to time… Yep, I’m paranoid. But hey. Looks like all that’s going on in Toronto in my absense is a lawsuit being filed against the mayor over an affair that he had in 1957, which he settled in the 70s sometime for 25,000$

Have I mentioned that people are silly?

I picked up a couple of small things for Jay for Christmas today. 🙂 Hope he likes them (although I think I know him well enough to know that he will…)

I talked to Gina on the phone tonight! I like her voice. We’re going to figure stuff out tomorrow though. I’m so disorganized… oh well.

I’m moody. Downswing, right now. Was okay 15 minutes ago.

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  • Anonymous

    November 30, 2000 at 10:01 pm


    I’m soooooo jealous! I sent Moogie a book for her birthday, and she said she was going to send me a thank-you card. I said that I’d rather she just phoned and left a thank-you message on my answering machine (we only live ten miles apart for goodness sake) and she said “no Moogie voice, because Moogie is apprehensive.” Hahahah! SHe is so cute and shy! But I really was sad about not getting to hear the Moogievoice. 🙁