Don Quixote – the Ballet

As I was saying before, last night I went to the Ballet with Lori. We went to see a full dress rehearsal of Don Quixote.

We left work and walked to Jay’s work, and went out to dinner with him downtown at BCE place. I should go back there and take pictures of the inside of that building sometime, I love it in there.

Anyhow, we went to a restaurant called Jimmy the Greek – guess what kind of food they served? Anyhow, we had a nice dinner, except that right near the end of our meal a man, about 40 or so I would guess, decided to come over to our table, pull out the empty fourth chair, and take a seat at our table. You could literally get drunk off the fumes from this guy, he was so intoxicated. He started chatting away merrily, asking us if we were family (Lori and I looked at our plates and kept eating, while Jay just gave the guy weird looks.) After rambling for a little while about how he got off work early, he asked us what we were doing at this restaurant having dinner at 10:30 at night. Jay looked at him, then looked at his watch, and said, “It’s 6:45. We’re having dinner.” The guy said, “No way! It can’t be 6:45!!” to which Jay replied, “Yes… it really is,” and showed the guy his watch.

This drunken fellow then said, “Oh… I’m ruining your dinner, aren’t I?” like three time in a row or something… and Jay said, “Yes, you are.” or something like that. Finally he stood up and apologized and said, “I honestly thought you were barflies like me… I’m so sorry…” and wandered back to the bar. Lori and I looked at each other and just started laughing.

We continued eating, and were done our meals and getting ready to leave the restaurant, when the guy came back to our table. “No, don’t worry, I’m not sitting down,” he told us, then put a napkin on the table next to Lori and wandered away again. (I’m going to scan this napkin tonight, it’s SO funny.)

We read the napkin, it said, in very messy handwriting:

I’m very sorry.
I truly believed that it was later.
This is a very nice restaurant, and the
owners would be very upset if I offended a
Patron… my apologies

We paid and left the restaurant, and Jay headed off to catch the streetcar home while Lori and I went to the Hummingbird Centre to pick up our tickets for Don Quixote. Here is a list of observations we had about the performance.

  • They need a LOT more practice, considering the official show starts later this week.
  • The choreographer made everything too fast, most of the dancers either couldn’t keep up or were seriously winded by the end of the show.
  • The costume colours were incredibly bright – it was a lovely cornucopia of colour, but sometimes distracting because it was hard to know who to watch
  • The plot has very little to do with Don Quixote himself.
  • There are two characters in the story, a man and a woman, who serve absolutely NO purpose whatsoever except to have really long solo dances. They weren’t the lovers, they weren’t related to don quixote, they weren’t the rich guy, they were just there for show. The came on, they dance for fifteen minutes, they left, then they came back later. They were very good, I thought, but entirely superfluous.
  • There is barely any plot to this particular Ballet, and if they hadn’t given us an outline at the beginning of what was happening in each scene we wouldn’t have known anything of what was going on.
  • The intermissions were interminably long… and there were two of them.
  • The seats at the Hummingbird centre are designed for people who are less than 5 feet tall, since Lori and I both felt cramped and I’m 5’4″ while she’s about 5’3″.
  • Lori wishes she hadn’t given up ballet
  • I desperately miss playing flute in a pit orchestra with a real band…

So that was the Ballet. I liked the Nutcracker better. I could figure out the story (and there actually WAS one,) in that one. I wouldn’t recommend anyone going to see Don Quixote at the Hummingbird Centre in Toronto. There, that’s my review.

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  • pen

    November 15, 2000 at 4:42 pm

    what a lovely drunk 🙂