Mom & I went out to Future Shop this morning to pick up a DVD for Merv for Christmas. Then we came back and had Christmas. It was amusing. I got a few cd’s and books I can now take off my amazon wishlist. Yay! My mom rocks. She also gave me a cordless screwdriver and a bunch of bits for it, and a couple of movies and a pullover sweater thing and a bag of Rocket candies. Mmmm… rockets…. Anyhow. It all rocks.

I gave merv the DVD for Gladiator, which they’re now watching in the other room. I wasn’t quite in the mood for fighting and gore, so I came in here.

If they weren’t cooking a turkey, I’d ask to go out someplace with trees and water and mountains. But there’s a turkey cooking. This is the second really nice sunny day we’ve had… and the first day I was actually able to see the mountains. Yes, they’re really out there. I can’t touch them though, they’re too far away.