Interesting how much worse I feel as the day goes on. The sun goes down and my throat hurts more. It gets colder outside, and my headache gets worse.

I should go to work tomorrow. Granted, I won’t be staying long on thursday, since I have my doctor’s appointment then, but I really should go in in the morning, assuming I feel okay. And if I don’t feel okay, I’ll go home. Geri always sends me home when I look green. I tend to look green with valid reason…

JenSHOWER> ew, jen’s got a bugger green sick day caption 🙂
JennyLee> Hell ya
JennyLee> if I’m gonna be sick, it’s gotta look sick
JenSHOWER> heh 🙂
Artyste> It reminds me of “The Grinch”
JennyLee slouches
Kryten melts
JenSHOWER> jen, if you’re using chillcam, you can make the image go green, for added effect 😉
Kryten> she looks green enough as it is 🙂
Artyste> I’ll say
JenSHOWER> heh 🙂
JenSHOWER> ooh, evil sick look 🙂
JenSHOWER> she looks a bit jandiced
JenSHOWER> (sp)?
Artyste> jaundiced?
JenSHOWER> jaundiced?
JenSHOWER> heh 🙂
Kryten> yes
Kryten> lets all talk about her like she’s not here 🙂
JennyLee> all pale and stuff
JenSHOWER laughs
JenSHOWER> pale and yellow, jen
Artyste> That’s the best way to talk about someone that is here
Kryten> rahter this than behind her back 🙂
Artyste> exactamundo
Artyste> We can talk about her behind her back later
Kryten> yeah
Kryten> then we’ll get really nasty 🙂