I just got a call from my old therp. She’s been away for a few weeks and hasn’t checked her messages. Anyhow, she just called. We set up a meeting for next monday (when I’m hopefully not as sick.)

Unfortunately, she’s taking another job and won’t be keeping her private practice. That means that, while I can see her a few times before xmas is over, I’m going to have to find a new therp if I think I need one on a long-term basis. I hate that process. It took me six years to find a therp I got along with in the first place. I don’t resent her at all for that, I see no reason to do so, that would be rather juvenile. And she’s willing to see me a few times, so maybe I can work some stuff out. I don’t think what I have right now are particularly long-term issues, so I’m hoping this helps.