I realized something tonight.

I have a tendency to say “Oh my goodness Oh my goodness!!” and for the longest time I had no idea what it was from. I knew it was from something but I just didn’t know what.

Tonight, I watched Annie in a vain attempt to become tired enough to sleep. One of the orphans (not Molly or Pepper or Annie,) when she gets upset or nervous, says (in the same tone of voice as I do,) “Oh my goodness Oh my goodness!!” It was just weird to suddenly know where that was from… keeping in mind that I probably haven’t watched the movie Annie since I was maybe 11 or so. So anyhow, that made me happy for some reason.

There was a lot about that movie that I loved when I was little. (I can hear you shuddering as you read this… everyone I know hates Annie now.) It was my favourite movie when I was a kid. The first songs I remember memorizing are from Annie. I loved singing Maybe and Tomorrow and Hard Knock Life. When I was about five years old, I went to a park and camped in a cabin (if you call that camping, I thought it was when I was five.) There were a bunch of other little girls there, and we used to play… usually we would play “Annie.” We would act out the exciting scenes as various characters, we would change the plot, and no one ever wanted to be the bad guys, so they were invisible but we all knew they were there. One girl always got to be Annie. That bugged me, but not enough to be too worried about it… and I got to be Pepper, the one who kinda looked like me and was basically a little bitch. All of us got to hang off the bridge and be rescued at the ending scene, we just replayed it over and over again until we’d all had a turn. I remember all of that.

I also remember, at that same ‘camp,’ we had a fort inside a bunch of cedar trees, kind of like a huge hollowed-out hedge. We ran in and out of that fort a million times a day, through the same entrance every time. The last time we were allowed to play in it, we were all going out the door, when one girls stepped on a hornet’s nest, and every last one of us got stung at least once. I got stung on my ankle, and my stepmother put a teabag on it. The other girls had stings all over, one girl got stung five times.

I don’t know why I remember all of this so vividly, when there’s so much I’ve forgotten. And all this from watching a movie.

Miss Hannigan was an abusive drunk, but once she cleaned up her act and got sober, Punjab thought she was hot.

I forgot that Tim Curry was the bad guy in it.

I also forgot that it was over 2 hours long. I guess time didn’t matter when I was a kid.


  • cyn

    December 15, 2000 at 8:23 am

    i have a secret fantasy – i want to play Miss Hannigan in a live production of that show someday. imagine being able to sing your guts out, but if you hit a wrong note – it’s okay – you’re a drunk! i think i’d be very good in this role.

    some women are drippin with diamonds
    some women are drippin with pearls
    lucky me lucky me lookit what i’m drippin with –
    Liiiiiiitle Giiiiiirrls!

  • Anonymous

    December 15, 2000 at 11:57 am

    easy street

    people hate Annie? are you kidding me? it’s still one of my favorites. and that ‘oh my goodness’ girl – her name’s Duffy or something.

    I have a secret fantasy too. that Tim Curry is still that age and I get to act that amazingly choreographed dance scene with him, being the ‘dumb hotel.’ it gives me shivers. he’s so cocky and bad and sexy. sigh. now he’s old and charming. win some, lose some.


    • Jenny Lee Silver

      December 15, 2000 at 1:47 pm

      Re: easy street

      hehe 😉 That sounds like great fun.