There’s something incredibly satisfying about being the person that someone wants to talk to about their personal lives and problems for advice, you know… It’s like a certain level of trust and respect mixed in with a feeling from the other person that they honestly want to know what you think, or what you might do… and yet all I ever do is ask a few questions, turn their sentences around on them maybe, put a mirror up to what they’re saying, or put their feelings into words for them, as I see it how they describe it to me…

You’d think I knew what I was talking about… I don’t really. I just listen, and go from there. I don’t know any more than they do about anything… but they ask me anyway.

I think the ‘satisfying’ part of it is having the person who had no faith in my current relationship lasting beyond labour day weekend of 1999 (and told me this at least twice before that weekend arrived,) come to me for advice in his relationship… I’m just going to internally gloat for a minute, then I’ll be fine.