Still coughing. How long are colds generally supposed to last? Doesn’t really matter. It’ll go away when it does, I just get to suffer until then. I’m beginning to forget what it feels like to be able to breathe without collapsing in a cough. My sneezes are decidedly violent, though, which is interesting and potentially messy.

I woke myself up coughing last night, around 6am. I woke Jay up too, so I took myself and a blanket out to the couch and slept there with Sera. The Buckley’s might have helped, or maybe it was the cat, or the fact that I was sleeping half-sitting, but I slept better… of course, when Jay got up at 11 this morning, he seemed hurt that I left. I went back to bed when he got up, though. Had strange dreams all morning that I can’t remember anymore.

Jay wants to go to Future Shop today to pick up a Christmas gift for his dad. Hopefully I’ll feel up to going. Plus, I have a project I want to work on today. Just a small one, but something at least.

Headache: temples, mainly.


  • jetgirl23

    December 17, 2000 at 11:23 am

    Man, that sounds like the crud I had…seems like it just hangs on forever! I think it took 3 weeks. This is the 4th week, and I still have a little bit of a cough.


  • triggerhappy

    December 17, 2000 at 1:18 pm

    When I get a bad cold and am stuffed up or coughing, I sleep better sitting up. Maybe not a lot better, but a bit.