The options (after a conversation with Human Resources girl here at work) are as follows:

1) Quit, do my thing. (If we can afford to do this, it would rock. If my ‘thing’ happens to be school, this may be difficult to co-ordinate)
2) Reduce hours, do my thing – This is assuming that the company would be willing to let me do so. This is questionable. It also assumes that I can deal with doing more of the same, only less of it.
3) Get a different part time job doing something else, and do my thing – this means most likely going back to retail. Not really something I want to do, exactly, but it’s looking more appealing than this, right now.

Jay & I need to have a talk tonight. I want to get working on this stuff. I want to feel better.

Or maybe I just need to take time off and do nothing for a little while…