Last night was good for a couple of nice reasons. First, someone called me ‘friend’ which may not seem like that big of a deal, but it was to me, it made me feel really good. Second, Boo told me I was good company on IRC. I sent her some stuff for her zine, too. Anyhow, that was last night.

It is snowing today. They say we’ll only get about 5cm through the day, but it’s caused all the traffic to move 20 times slower than usual, and my streetcar was 15 minutes late. Good thing the managers are all in a meeting for the day. I do have a phone meeting with people in the states today. I so don’t want to do it. I likely won’t have to say much, though, since the other two are just going to be telling me what I’ll have to do when the system is set up and such. I don’t really care. *sigh*