Well, we’re at Jay’s Dad’s place now… we got a ride out with a friend of ours (thanks again!!) and just pretty much hung out on the couch all day. I did get to watch a good special on the Barenaked Ladies tonight though (I basically took control of the remote and wouldn’t let the boys change the channel.) We did our gift exchange thing… Jay got the same thing from his dad this year that he got last year (trying to be a good girl and not envy… not working well…) I got some clothes from his dad’s GF and a candleholder from his brother and money from his dad (who isn’t so good at the personal gifts thing, which may explain his son’s lack of proficiency in this department.)

When I wandered out of the living room, they were watching the live-action movie of The Guyver II. It was damn cheezy. We did see Christmas movies today, though… before I left this morning, I watched the Grinch, and while we’ve been here we’ve caught the Muppets Christmas Carol and Jingle All the Way and the 1964 Animotion Rudolph special. Did I mention that we just established ourselves on the couch and stayed there? Well, we did.

We gave Jay’s dad Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001, and his brother a 50$ gift card thing for Future Shop (funny… I got one of those for Jay, too…) I think they liked them.

Tomorrow we’re getting together with Vic & Sue in the afternoon. Jay’s dad is leaving us here to amuse ourselves, he has to go up north to be with his girlfriend’s family. We’ll be sleeping at his apartment until Boxing Day, though, then catching a ride home with the guy we caught a ride out with.

I’m glad I brought a few books with me, although I wish I had my guitar. Oh well, I’ve been cable-deprived for 2 years now (on purpose) so I’ll veg in front of mindless tv while I’m here, I guess.

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  • Anonymous

    December 25, 2000 at 9:36 am


    I LOVE the Muppets…. and their ‘Christmas Carol’ rendition just kills me every time. I think my favorite is the Marley & Marley song with Statler and Waldorf – Whoooo!

    “I am here to tell the story – and I am here for the food!” 🙂