I went out tonight, Jay stayed in… he wasn’t feeling very social, and it’s cold out. He tends to hibernate in the cold. I was pretty comfortable outside, but I have the monster-warm furry-hooded parka to thank for that. My parka rocks. It was a nice social evening, we just sat around the table eating crackers and cheese and drinking a wonderful smooth wine…. probably at least 20$ for the bottle… but it tasted wonderful. A nice australian red. *ramble*ramble*

My cough is back… dry, hacking, evil thing. And my lips are dry, cracked, almost bleeding. Blah. This is what sucks about the winter. I would turn on my humidifier, but it makes a white chalky powder-dust that settles over everything… it’s annoying and hard to clean up.

I need to pick up one of these… my mother tells me that it will help my headaches and help me sleep better. That would be a good thing. Stupid headaches.