06:33.26 bria> i think i’m going to make a phone call
06:33.29 bria> 🙂
06:33.34 Ben> yikes.
06:33.50 JennyLee> hehe
06:33.54 JennyLee> see you in a few hours, bria 🙂
06:33.57 bria> uhhhh
06:34.03 bria> i’m not addicted!
06:34.08 JennyLee laughs uh-huh
06:34.20 bria> no, this won’t be super long

time passes….

08:25.21 BriaFone> how long have i been on the phone?

more time passes…

08:27.20 BriaFone> ok, i’m off now