I told myself last night to wake up at 10am this morning. It worked, I woke up at 10:03, looked at the clock, and thought to myself, “I just can’t get up yet, I think I’ll doze a little bit longer.” I actually got out of bed at 10:30ish, though, which is pretty good. Usually when I doze a little bit longer I sleep til 11:30 or noon.

So, today I need to practice some guitar. The open stage starts at 8pm or so, I’d like to get there a little earlier (about 7:30 or so) just to make sure I’m on time. I’ve picked at least one song, possibly two, and if I feel good about another one, then I’ll do three. I hope that’s okay… I hope three isn’t too many.

I’m absolutely petrified, though. I never play my guitar for actual people – I’m not that good at it. I definitely don’t practice playing enough, and I’ve never taken lessons, so everything I know is either self-taught or I’ve figured out from watching other people. Basically, I’m just not comfortable with my guitar-playing ability, and if my hands are shaking that’ll make it worse. I’ll just practice today and hope that there’s an acoustic guitar there for me to play when I arrive.

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  • jeroen

    February 4, 2001 at 11:19 am

    Good luck on the open stage, break a leg! 🙂