There is something wrong with my head. I’m spinny and my stomach is sort of reacting to it. I’m hazy and there’s a mild headache lurking in the background just above my ears and around the back of my head.

Tomorrow, I’m going back to my old work to say hi to everyone and pick up the last of my things from my desk. The globe of goop apparently broke completely in my absence… you know, I always saw that thing as symbolic of my time there. I was planning on completely destroying it when I left that job. It got a hole in it a while ago, and had been slowly oozing goo out of it for months… I put tape over it to try and save it. One of the guys at work told me that it fell apart totally while I was gone. I’d like to think it happened around the same time I decided I wasn’t going back…

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  • corachaos

    February 6, 2001 at 7:10 pm

    I’m putting on my mother hen outfit right NOW..

    I know we haven’t known eachother long and I have no right to pop in and tell you what to do, but please, please call your doctor NOW! I know….probably nothing to worry about, etc….but a friend of mine, who was very young had a stroke and it sounded very similar.

    I know….mother hen…the sky is falling…..I just want you to be well…

    I’ll go stand over here and worry and cluck.