I’m going to the old workplace today, to say hello and bye to everyone, and pick up my plant and magazines and whatever else I have left behind. While I’m home, I’ve got the Fneu cam on. My manager asked me to drop off a letter of resignation on paper for her files, and I believe she’s going to give me a recommendation letter.

After I do that, I think I’ll meet up with Jay at his work (it’s a block away) and maybe we’ll go downtown and buy him some new jeans. And maybe stop by the bookstore… and maybe look at some books… I’m in a book kind of mood. I want books. I really need to get a new bookshelf… Actually, what I really really want is some guitar books. But Long & McQuade has the best selection for that sort of thing, so maybe I should wait and go there instead? I need to buy more pics (mediums and lights, please) and some new strings (my guitar has 12-52’s, I think, and the only strings I have are 13-56’s or something, which my guitar isn’t set up for.) Mmmmmmmmm guitar stuff….

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  • Anonymous

    February 7, 2001 at 1:58 pm

    TEMM Boy – password forgetter – lazy man!

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