Got in the door to two very guilty-looking cats. They had a small, empty ziploc baggie next to them on the floor. Upon closer inspection, there were trace amounts of catnip ground into the carpet. My cats got into the stash and cleaned it out… now they’re rather mellow. Dayle has made himself comfortable on my lap, Sera is passed out on top of the VCR.

So I wandered over to work today, and picked up the last of my things I had left there. That’s it… I’m done with there. How odd. As I walked around saying my goodbyes to people, I got reactions everywhere from “I’m not really surprised,” to “I envy you.” One person mentioned the intention to submit their own resignation shortly. Many people told me that I was missed, and I would be missed. It was nice to see everyone, anyhow. I brought my plant home (it wasn’t dead!) and now it’s on top of my desk. I have this feeling the cats are going to eat it, though. *sigh*