Foggy and grey out. Fitting, I suppose, for a holiday that most people seem to despise. It’s just another day in paradise. It’s not even a real holiday… if it were, then people’s work would give the day off to stay home in bed or something. I’m making tea and oatmeal, I slept in today since I was up late last night in SimsWorld.

I never did clean up yesterday… I should do that today. Although I was considering dropping by Belli’s house today, since she’s home sick. Tea and girl-company… that’s generally a good combination.

I wonder if Seasonal Affective Disorder gets to me? I’m not depressed like I was when I was actually depressed, but I’m certainly not in a splendid wonderful ambitious good mood. I’m bitchy and complainey.

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  • Anonymous

    February 14, 2001 at 11:11 am


    Hi ther Jenny well i hope you feel better later.Hey maybe you dont feel up to it but hey its v-day and i want to wish you a happy one okay.