There reaches a point, when you’re a survivor, when it’s not about the past anymore, when it’s not about how what happened then, and how it affects you now, and it’s not about the flashbacks and memories, and it’s not about who you were and who they were. There comes a time when it’s now, and you’re here, and that’s all that matters. It’s not about the past anymore. Whatever is going on right now is what’s important, and that will create the future.

For me, it’s time that things weren’t about the past anymore. Things should be about what’s important to me right now. Things are about me. I’m on my way back into selfish mode… I’ve never stayed there long enough to get anything done before, but it’s not about what’s gone before.

It’s time I woke up.

Again it seems we meet
in the spaces in between
We always say it won’t be long
but something’s always wrong…