I woke up with Jay’s alarm this morning, and got up 45 minutes before he did. I watched tv for a while, then he left for work and I napped on the couch with the tv on. I finally got up for good at 11:45 or so, and came online. Then the buzzer rang, so I went to the door and answered it – Purolator Courier. They had a package for me to sign for. I let him in, then got dressed in the time it took him to come up the stairs to my apartment. I have much practice at speed-dressing, I did it every day for about 10 years when I was in school.

The package turned out to be What Dreams May Come on dvd from my Amazon Wishlist…. that rocks. thanks Ben. I’m thinking of watching it later.

Greetings Jenny —
Here is your horoscope for Friday, February 16:
Make sure all your gains are locked into place before the tide reverses
this afternoon. Those Sagittarean good times couldn’t last forever.
The approaching Capricorn Moon may require you to be more thrifty
and austere than you would like.