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Cameron Wants To Make Movie In Space, But Is It Worth It?
Titanic director James Cameron said Monday that he would like to produce a film on board the International Space Station if such a project is financially doable. As reported by the BBC, Cameron told a meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, “It’s technically feasible but it would be very expensive. So, the question is, can you justify it with a commercial project that pays for itself? I don’t want to go if it can’t be profitable. That sounds very mercenary but you have to make the clear distinction between space tourism, which is about having an experience for your own gratification, and going as a filmmaker to interpret the experience of space travel for everyone on Earth who can’t go and have it for themselves.”

Like that’s not a major catastrophe waiting to happen… “oh, I must do something bigger and better than Titanic!” Whatever, guy. Try not to get anyone killed, okay?