My head hurts (again.) Woohoo, I am she of the unending headache. Advil is my friend. And I need a cup of tea.

So, the Chatroom on Talk TV is doing a segment on tonight called ‘electric avenue’ / topic : “gaming culture”. I guess they need women who game to come on the show and talk or something. I have groceries that are being delivered from Grocery Gateway that will be arriving between 3:00pm and 5:30pm, so I can’t really go anywhere, since I have to be here to pay for them. It never works out when I have a chance to go on that show.

It’s cold in here. It looks much colder outside.

It took me over an hour of just lying in bed staring at the wall to fall asleep last night. This morning I had strange dreams of working on this lab project, but most of it was on a ledge. I had to climb up and down a ladder a whole bunch of times, but it was really hard to swing yourself on to the ladder, and the edge of the ledge was soft like a thin futon mattress, so it bent downwards every time I went to the ladder. There were a lot of heights, I spent a lot of time looking down and hating it. I’m not keen on heights. I forget what kind of lab work I was doing. It’s odd, because I’ve never worked in a lab, my sister is the one who does that. My boss was nice, but the fact that I wasn’t supposed to use the elevator and kept having to use that stupid ladder really bothered me. Just before I woke up, I decided to go take the elevator down instead of the ladder… but I couldn’t find it anywhere. I knew there was an elevator, because other people didn’t have to take the ladder like I did. I woke up before I found it.