Oki’s on his way back home now. We went out for dinner today with Templier, a nice little italian place with a big nose above the door. I’m having some minor tooth pain, though, which kinda sucks. Hopefully it’ll just go away again.

I never did write an update about last night. We went to a cd opening party for a little while, but it really wasn’t our thing, and we were hungry, and it was too packed and the sound wasn’t done very well (I refuse to damage my ears for anyone.) So we left to grab some food, then wander around Queen West with Cyn and Oki. I was kinda zoned out for some of it, since I was working on effectively 4 hours of sleep for the entire day, and that sleep was split up and not very restful.

Vic and Sue are coming out tonight, they should be here around 9pm. Dayle is desperate to get on my lap right now. I should try practicing some guitar for tomorrow night, but I’m still too full from supper.