Fneu… I’ve got wet hair, but I’m dressed. I looked at the bedroom laundry problem and I just couldn’t do it. It’s overwhelming. I did clean the litter box, though, and I’m going to do those dishes again. I spend a lot of time doing dishes, now that I’m trying to keep up with them rather than let them stack up. I hate doing dishes alone. Plus, it’s hard to get to the sink… the kitchen is cluttered up and claustraphobic, and the light bulb in the ceiling isn’t powerful enough, so it’s really dim in there. I’m considering picking up a flourescent light to attach to the cupboards over the stove. That would make a huge difference.

I found a book about my camera, and added it to my wishlist thing. I really do want to learn more about my camera so that I can use it to its potential. Hopefully, I’ll find it at chapters or indigo the next time I’m there, assuming I remember to look. That’s what the wishlist is for, to remind me to look for stuff I want when I go out shopping. It’s not like I can buy anything online without a credit card, after all.