How to celebrate easter a la JennyLee:

Wake up at 1:30 and watch the movie version of Jesus Christ Superstar. Have a cup of tea. Wash some dishes, then dry your hands with a cloth that happens to be covered in red food colouring, thus splotching your hands a light red colour that becomes more pink as it fades. Symbolism, perhaps? Maybe that’s what I get for being baptised mormon or something. Or maybe it’s because I haven’t been to church in seven years. Or maybe it’s just that I shouldn’t have used a cloth covered in red food dye to wipe my hands with.

Oh yes, and chat very briefly with Belli’s mom on the phone – one of those ‘Is she home yet?’ ‘No, not yet,’ type conversations.

I should probably get dressed at some point, too. It’s cool and grey outside. I’m still coughing, although the cough has regressed to dry once again. My nose doesn’t hurt nearly as much. I’m chilled, though.