Easter dinner: Grilled cheese sandwich with two slices of Kraft singles processed cheese (for extra-cheesy flavour.) Dayle wanted a piece of it, then got distracted and wandered away. Somehow, more food colouring on my hands, and it’s rubbing off on my keyboard. I did the dishes, and managed to kill a wine glass – it fell over in the drainboard and the stem broke off at the base. I feel bad about that.

I wonder what else they plan on doing on Friday for SecretCon? No one has said anything to me about friday, and I know I’ll miss most of the daytime stuff due to my heart testing and so on, but I would really like to update the page with the proper information, and I’m wondering if there are any plans made for Friday evening? I don’t even know what tattoo/piercing place they’re going to on Sunday for Body Modifications, so that info isn’t on the page either. *sigh* I can’t keep up with any of this stuff.