Went to see the Fukermann Show tonight that Cyn had a reading at… first night of SecretCon. It occurs to me that, when I start to shake my head at everything I see onstage and I just don’t get it anymore, when the audience is entertaining me more than the entertainment, then it’s time to get going home. Strange and Cyn and Tommer and Daruba were all there, and I brought Trigger. She’s now passing out on my floor. I’m going to go to sleep, too. After some Buckley’s and advil.

Tomorrow is heart testing day. Joy, bliss, and happiness. I hope the cough doesn’t mean I’ll need to reschedule. That would suck.

Belli wants to get me pierced on Sunday. I think she’s starting a ‘get JennyLee body modified’ fund, those interested in contributing can contact her at iambelli @ yahoo.com. (spamproofed, eh. take out the spaces.)

Haven’t heard from Tala at all. I wonder if she made it in to town okay? Will find out tomorrow morning at breakfast, I suppose.

And now to sleep.

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  • Anonymous

    April 20, 2001 at 11:28 am


    ah, but what does she want you to get pierced? or, more importantly, where are you willing to poke holes? 😉

    have a smorgasbord (?) of fun this weekend!