Random thoughts of SecretCon in some semblance of order

It was overwhelming. So many people deciding to fly or drive into Toronto, just because of the net, because of a virtual connection.

So big I closed my eyes…

Thursday, Trigger arrived. I didn’t know what to say to her, really… I just kinda made things up as I went, and tried to not feel too sheepish. You really can get all the way to the airport by TTC.

Thursday night, after dinner and staring blankly at the television for a bit, Trigger and I met up with Cyn, Strange, Aphyd, and Tommer at Rancho Relaxo for the Fukerman show. I spotted Daruba at the bar and told him to join us at our table. The show was amusing and confusing at the same time. Trigger and I headed home, both of us needing some sleep.

The next morning, Friday, we went to Fran’s for brunch. We ran into Tala on the Subway at Bloor station, completely by accident. It was good. We got to Fran’s before Cyn and company, so we ordered some drinks and waited. After a few minutes, Cyn, Oki, Darcy, and JohnBoze all arrived and we ordered breakfast. They then all followed me to the cardiologist’s office, where I was to be stress-tested and borg-ified. I was told it would be about an hour for them to do the tests on me, so I arranged with the group to meet them at the corner of Bloor and Yonge. They left, and I went into my appointment.

The nice man hooked me up to a monitor with suction cup sticky-things and put me on a treadmill. He kept asking me if I was okay… I kept saying I was fine. It wasn’t that stressful. The next thing was to hook me up to the borg implant heart monitor thing. Once that was done, I was free to go.

I walked down Yonge, looking in stores for people, but couldn’t find them. I got to the meeting place early, so I sat down and watched people and took pictures of buildings like a tourist. They arrived, and we headed off to Cyn’s place to just relax for a while. Watching the protests in Quebec City on the newstation, we all got concerned for Boo. We kept looking for her in the crowds of people being tear gassed, and hoping that we wouldn’t see her. It turns out she did get tear gassed, and so did my friend Stephen, although I didn’t see either of them on tv.

At any rate… in the evening, we went out for greek food, and I got a hamburger (that’s a great greek dish… really…) and some garlic bread. It wouldn’t be relevant what I ordered, except that I find it silly of me to get a burger in a greek place. Silly me.

After greek food, we headed off to see Luther Wright and the Wrongs at Ted’s Wrecking yard. They were performing a country/bluegrass version of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. They brought Sarah Harmer on stage for a couple of songs, which was unexpected. I danced with the borg implants on. I danced a whole lot. I remembered how much I really like dancing. It felt good. People kept buying me drinks. The band itself was really good – they were tight, they knew what they were doing. They gave us free cds at the door because we were the first people in, too, so now I have a country version of the Wall on CD.

I have to admit, I haven’t listened to the original version of the Wall more than a couple of times. That makes me a bad musician or something, I’m sure of it.

Saturday, I slept in a bit, waiting for a call from Cyn about the plans for the day. Tala and Trigger arrived at my place, and the three of us headed downtown for Brunch (really, it was a late lunch) at Tortilla flats. Cyn bought me a Raspberry Daiquiri, and much goodness was eaten and drank.

After Brunch, I had to take off to rehearse for the Secret Show, so I left everyone behind to organize their shopping trek. I ran into Strange on the walk up Spadina, we chatted for a bit, and then I wandered over to mysterious house #67.

It was very grounding for me to rehearse with Ian. I was a little overwhelmed by people and such, so focussing on music for a while was the best thing I could do. He can be such a calming presence, which was exactly what I needed. I came out of rehearsal feeling a lot better about everything that was keeping me from having as good a time as I wanted to.

The group arrived and picked me up at the house, and we walked across college street, holding hands and telling secrets down the line. We got a lot of stares from complete strangers… we looked like kindergarten children making sure we wouldn’t get lost. It was highly amusing.

Next stop was the Willow for the Official SecretCon dinner. We yelled ASS a whole lot. The other patrons of the restaurant were afeared. Cameras abounded, more and more people arrived, Boo and Ilona ended up on the floor doing dirty floor things. Oh, and the kiss they shared was… damn. it made me so jealous. Or something. Damn.

That was the second tex-mex place we had eaten at that day. I think we were starting to get tired of tex-mex.

Rocky Horror Picture Show was the next event on the list. Some people opted out of going, the rest of us planned to meet at the door. Cyn, JohnBoze, Darcy, Trigger, Oki, and I all walked across the bridge on Bloor street. It was misty, the lights on the Don Valley Parkway were hazy, and I had to take a picture. I think I figured out how to keep the shutter open longer on my new camera… I’ll know better when I get the pictures back.

There were photos of Trigger, Darcy and I standing under the Spotted Dick. I want to see those.

We were running late due to our meandering natures, so we hopped on the Subway for the rest of the trip to Rocky.

Rocky was fun, although I overheard one of the cast members saying, “well, it’s official, only three of the cast members have a clue what’s going on.” It was obvious in some parts. And the girl who played Rocky was a cutie. The guy who played Riff Raff showed us his ASS after we yelled at him repeatedly. ASS, by the way, was the word of the weekend. It was put into conversation more times than we could possibly keep track of.

After Rocky Horror, we walked across Bloor street to Yonge, where cabs would be cheaper and to get some air. And that was pretty much the end of Saturday Night.

Sunday, trigger and I woke up and drove downtown through nasty evil traffic (next time we’ll take the subway) with Belli. We got to the piercing place a little bit late because of the traffic, and everyone pretty much had to move on to the tattoo parlour. Not before they all put money in to get me pierced, however… so I arranged to get a belly button piercing.

They all walked up to the tattoo place, and I got my piercing done. I then had to go rehearse some more, so I walked up Spadina yet again. Rehearsal went well, we got through everything we pretty much needed to know and figured we would just wing it for the rest. I felt good about it. We had to run some errands, so we wandered back onto Spadina and ran into Cyn and Strange, who were catching a cab home to get ready for their show. Oki was still in the tattoo place, getting his ink done. It looked pretty good.

Ian and I walked across College street to his mother’s place, where we borrowed her car to transport gear. I got to drive… it’s been a while since I’ve driven, and I’ve never been an aggressive Toronto driver. Fortunately, Darcie coached me through turning left onto college. Yes, I suck. Oh well. No one hit me, I didn’t hit anyone else. It just so happens that the defensive driving I learned on the gravel roads of Dundas County is virtually useless here in Toronto.

We got to the show, and set up the gear. Cyn had us go up and do our set, which people seemed to enjoy. I’ve already talked about that here, though, so go read that if you haven’t yet.

Monday morning, we wandered to the beaches for a late breakfast at the Sunset Grill. After breakfast, we wandered around the boardwalk area and back on queen street. I convinced JohnBoze to buy the Oh! What a Feeling 2 box set of canadian music, because I think it rocks, and I think everyone should own it. Four CDs of really good music! We looked around the CD store to see if aMy was working, but she wasn’t in until later that day.

Next stop was a trip to the Second Cup for White Hot Chocolate, mochas, and tea. After that, JohnBoze and Darcy had to start their trek home. They dropped me off at my cardiologist’s office so I could give them back the heart monitor. I was pretty tired by that point in time, so I was glad to catch the subway home and just relax for a while. I spent most of the evening writing in my paper journal, letting Trigger do stuff on my computer. I was in a papasan chair paper journal kind of mood, so it worked out well.

This morning, trigger left for the airport in a taxicab, as I was far too sick to escort her as I had intended to. And that was when SecretCon was over for me.


  • jelly

    April 25, 2001 at 4:22 am

    Wow, didn’t they pick the perfect time to hook you up to a monitor? lol

    It sounds like everyone had a pretty good time, did they get pics of your new piercing too?

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      April 25, 2001 at 9:43 am

      I think Ilona got a picture of my new piercing… and I think a couple were taken at the show. Will know more when they come back from the developing place.

      I have one pic of my piercing, I took it with my webcam:

      Right here