I want to dance.

So I got the tickets I won for the Indy. It’s a full 3-day pass for the weekend, with seats in grandstand 33 in the sixth row, and access to cart and paddock, whatever that means.

I also won a bottle of wine yesterday for singing karaoke on a boat cruise that my work held. I think they liked me.

BNL was great last night, although something was wrong with the sound system for at least part of the show. I danced, people looked at me strangely (they always do when I dance…) I sang every song except the new one they played (and Steve forgot the lyrics for that one and made some up on the spot… it was great…) I liked this show a lot better than the one at the Air Canada Centre last November because it was a lot less structured, less produced, more like what I expect from the Ladies.

The city is cool today… but I want to be in the fresh open air again. I want to be north again. Damn that incredible lake for stealing my soul away from me and demanding that I come back and get it…

Yea I’d rather be
Anywhere else than here tonight
Than stuck in the city
But through the pain
Good things will come
After the rain the sun
But that don’t mean much to me
Stuck in the city,
Oh how I miss those western skies…

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  • mrguard

    July 13, 2001 at 10:02 am

    The Ladies

    Steve is great, Isn’t he?
    You should hear them sing Kareoke