What am I still doing awake?

Oh yeah, this is what having no net for two weeks then suddenly being online again does to me. I couldn’t get Bryan’s computer working with sympatico, it has too many issues that I’m going to attempt to fix sometime soon. Should be interesting.

I restrung my acoustic. It sounds incredible now… so bright and clear. I forgot what it sounds like with new strings, it’s been so long. I’ve realized, though, that I really need to learn some songs that aren’t by either the Barenaked Ladies (can nearly play Pinch Me all the way through without fucking it up) or Blue Rodeo. I’d learn matchbox 20 songs, but then I know someone would shoot me, believing they were putting me out of my misery. I like them. So there. *grin*

I’ve been up long enough that I’m hungry again. Damn, that kinda sucks. I should just go to sleep now. It’s late, I’m sleepy.