It’s started already today. I wore a dress today, must do laundry soon. Maybe I’ll do that Friday night. Now that’s an exciting start to the weekend.

I keep a list in my head of things that I need, as I think of them. Unfortunately this means that I forget everything. I would write it all down, but I think of these things when I’m in bed falling asleep, or when I’m nowhere near a piece of paper, or when I’m too busy doing other things to take time out to do it. Oh well. I went on a quest for a kettle last night, but no stores had one. I’ll have to go out to Canadian Tire and pick one up there or something. And I want rugs, but I don’t think that’ll be this month. I haven’t even been grocery shopping yet. Necessities first, then I can get rugs and air mattresses and towel racks and other such frivolous items.

I’ll stop obsessing now. At least about that.