Destination Unknown
Ruby ruby ruby ruby soho

haven’t heard Rancid in years. I forgot how good they were.

I have a wart. Yes, eww. I bought some stuff for it, hopefully it’ll go away soon. It’s right on my third finger (ring finger?) of my right hand, makes it harder to type.

The smog today was awful. I did laundry, and when I was outside the laundromat waiting for the clothes to dry, I started feeling exhausted and dizzy from the poor air. The sky was greyish, dull and depressing, but not because it was cloudy… the blanket haze of pollution turned everything into some sort of post-modern sci-fi movie where the people walk around with gas masks on and it’s impossible to differentiate between day and night between the smog during the day and light pollution reflecting off the smog at night.

Is it possible that it’s time to move? Where can I go to from here? What city would want me? What job would have me?

What am I saying? Chances are I’ll just flake out like always. Or maybe I won’t. It shouldn’t matter to anyone but me anyhow.

Maybe I’ll abandon this path. It doesn’t seem to be working out for me…