This is a dream from my dream journal that I had a long time ago – June 27, 1999. I was flipping through an old dream journal when I found it.

Last night I dreamed I was spending time with my best friend from elementary school, Rachel. We were both adults, though, it wasn’t like we were back in grade eight. We had to fly somewhere on a cloudy day, in a small plane that seemed to have the interior of a subway or streetcar.

We took off and were flying along when I felt the engines shut off. We were plunged into silence, but all of the other passengers acted as if they didn’t know there was a problem. It took some time, but they got the engines running again. As soon as they did, however, we felt the plane lurch suddenly and scrape against the road – we were crashing into a busy intersection. I ran to Rachel and we held on to each other as I watched cars and motorbikes outside the plane narrowly miss us, wincing each time. The plane was on the ground, spinning and spinning in circles. It finally stopped… we were okay.

We got off the plane and went to Rachel’s house, where we did a lot of sitting in the back yard. I remember talking and talking, but I don’t remember what we talked about. I also remember realizing that I had to go to work sometime later that day – at the Bay, where I hadn’t worked in over a year. I tried to call them and ask them what time I was supposed to be in, but I kept getting the wrong extension.

We got up and went out of Rachel’s back yard into a park that had a bunch of little shops in it. Some of Rachel’s friends came walking with us. I saw a shop in which I liked some of the rugs, so me and a girl with long, black, straight hair wandered inside. The shopkeeper closed the door behind us (he had left it open before) and turned to look at the two of us. The raven-haired girl just fell onto a bed behind some rugs against the wall, looking resigned and unhappy. I knew somehow that she was expecting to be raped by the shopkeeper. I looked over at her and thought, you’re not allowed to give up so easily! In anger. I turned back to the shopkeeper, who started to say something like, “Well, ladies, I think we can work out an arrangement here.”

I spoke out loudly and forcefully, saying, “Look, I’ve been here before, and I’m not going to let anything happen.” He tried to kick me, but I grabbed his leg and he fell over. After a very brief fight in which I had most of the control, I had him lying on the floor, and I was keeping him there by standing on one of his legs while holding the other.

Once he was somewhat securely held, I turned my head to the raven-haired girl still sitting on the bed, and told her to run. She didn’t move. I had to yell it two more times before she unlocked the door and ran. I stood, bouncing on the shopkeeper’s leg to keep him on the floor. The door was open and unlocked, so I let him go and I took off. I ran outside, and he very nearly caught me again. Raven girl and I (she had not once spoken) ran into the park down the paved path, seeing Rachel and all her other friends pulling away in a very slow-moving minivan. I figured that they would come back to find us, and after watching them drive slowly away for about ten seconds, I saw the minivan pause then come back towards us. Raven-girl piled in with them, and a guy friend of Rachel’s jumped out to walk with me next to the minivan.

I still felt as though I was missing work, but I figured I had a valid reason for it at this point.

We went across the park to a river, and all climbed into a very small boat. I couldn’t even see the boat through the people in it. It pushed off into the river, which meandered along slowly until it reached the bluffs. There was snow on the bluffs and the wind was stronger, as was the current. Everything was summer around us except for at the bluffs, and we had to get a picture of them.

We braced ourselves for the choppy, fast-moving part of the river – the rapids. Someone warned that we were going to get wet from the spray.

We got through the worst part just fine, and I remember thinking, if we fell into that water, we wouldn’t survive, it’s too cold!

Someone asked where we could get ashore now that we had passed through the worst part. Rachel pointed to the left and ahead to a small, shallow inlet. We pulled ourselves ashore, back into the city and summer. I crawled across the ground to look down at the river from the top of the bluffs, trying to see where it went.

We walked into the city in the dark and people started going off to their own ways home. Raven-girl left, never having said anything except, apologetically, “It’s faster for me to get home this way.”

By the end of it, it was just Rachel and I walking until I woke up.

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