If you get lost between the moon and New York City…

Don’t know why that song is in my head. I think I’ll have to change it.

I just had to pull off the medicated thingie that’s covering my wart to see what it looks like. Then I had to put it back on. It seems to be doing something, at least… hopefully it’ll make it go away. It’s not like it’s a big wart anyhow.

My little brother and his friends were going to Wonderland today. I am jealous… but I couldn’t take a day off work and still afford to pay for entry into the theme park, so I just stayed in. Their concert is tomorrow. I’ll actually get to see my brother for a while this evening, I hope, assuming they don’t stay at Wonderland incredibly late… the park is only open until 10 or 11 anyhow.

I’m going to stop believing people when they say they’re going to drop by my apartment.

I have a few photos from Temagami up in my cubicle, as well as some of Lake Ontario here in Toronto… the water has a different texture as well as colour… it’s interesting to look at. Of course, Lake Ontario is a much larger, more open lake… hence the name “Great Lakes.” Temagami is clearer, smoother, and a deeper shade of blue in the photos I have.

I’m so used to having this headache now that the few times I don’t, it feels absolutely incredible. I guess it proves my theory that I can only appreciate happiness (or lack of pain) by also experiencing unhappiness (or pain.)