Today is a day, like any other. Today is the beginning or the end, or both, or neither. Today is the continuation of what you started yesterday, and what comes before things that will happen tomorrow. Today is all there is, so make the best of it. Today will end and the sun will come out tomorrow, so bet your bottom dollar… or not. Today is the worst day the best day the only day. Today is every day, any day, my day, your day, the day. Today I will make a decision, today I will put something off, today I will let go too soon or hold on too long. Today is the only thing that will ever exist. Today is yesterday, today is tomorrow. I want today to last forever, but why isn’t today over yet? Today I will burn in the heat and freeze from the cold. Today is sadness and jubilation. Today is done, and now it is night.

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  • falkirk

    July 30, 2001 at 9:46 am

    You have quite the beautiful heart in you Jennylee.