My mom tells me that she would like to come out for when I have my procedure done. I would love for her to come… it would make me feel a lot better.

I mentioned this to a couple of people on IRC, and they suggested I have a fundraising party to get my mom out here. I wonder if that would work? It worked for my piercing, and I totally wasn’t expecting that… And this means a lot more to me than a piercing.

Although I have trouble getting past thinking that having a party for that purpose is like asking for handouts or something… it’s not like people who came would have to contribute, after all…. just if they want to, they could. Or something.

It’s a half-formed thought in my mind.

I was thinking, also, of having a ‘in case jennylee dies in the hospital’ pre-surgery party. That would be highly morbid, in bad taste, and incredibly entertaining.

Maybe I could combine the two?