I know I dreamed last night… I remember that I dreamed. I just don’t remember what I dreamed about. I hate that. I woke up a lot last night, too… Oh well. It isn’t last night anymore.

The kid and I went to the park this afternoon. He entertains himself mostly… he likes to push his stroller around in circles for hours. People thought he was mine, which amused me. Sweet kid, when he’s not screaming… I like him. And he remembered me, and was actually calling me by my name – or as close a facsimile of it as he could manage.

Now I’m tired. I guess chasing him around the park tired me out or something, I don’t know. The net’s being kinda boring… when I’ve said eight out of the last ten things in IRC, I know I’ve been rambling to myself… and that’s just no fun.

If I had a can or two of nice blue paint, I’d paint my bedroom. If I had an extension cord, I’d move my desk to where it’s supposed to be. If I had a car, I’d pick up my bike and take it in to be fixed, then I’d drive away in some random direction until I got tired of driving. If I had kahlua, I’d be drinking white russians. If I had a million dollars…. Oh never mind.

Things keep breaking or falling apart. My world is unstable. I guess I’m used to it. I think I create it.

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  • trundler

    August 27, 2001 at 8:24 pm

    That?s a cool hat ya got there? and a wicked smirk?