Reasons why I shouldn’t collaberate:

1) I can’t write when someone is waiting on me and/or looking over my shoulder
2) I can’t think when someone is expecting me to come up with something interesting.
3) I don’t ever want to show people things I’ve written within the first day that I’ve written them.
4) I’m still not convinced I’m good enough to work with anybody else anyhow.
5) It makes me uncomfortable when other people edit things that I’ve only just written.

This self-obsessed analysis is brought to you by depression, stress, frustration, and the letter fneu.

In other news, I’m really hungry. I think I’ll drink my tea, do dishes, and skip breakfast.


  • Anonymous

    November 4, 2001 at 7:30 pm


    5) It makes me I become uncomfortable when other people others edit things that I’ve only just written my stuff .!

    -J (hee hee)

    • Jenny Lee Silver

      November 5, 2001 at 8:55 am

      Re: 5)


      You sir, are evil. 🙂