Two weeks and counting…

So belli made me this kick-ass mug for my “Hope you don’t die” party last weekend. I love it.

Two weeks from today is the procedure. Yesterday was pre-admission at the hospital. They had me there for five hours doing x-rays, blood tests, an ECG, and various interviews with nurses who asked me the same questions over and over again. I was left alone in a small room, which I suspect was the coldest room in the hospital, while wearing that open-at-the-back robe thing. To warm myself up, I would sneak into the hall and stand there. They told me that if they mess up the procedure, they’ll have to install a pacemaker into my heart. But they also said the odds of that are like 1 in a hundred.

I’m not worried, really. But the feeling of being at the hospital, getting blood taken (I hate needles) and knowing that this whole ordeal is in two weeks… It’s just creepy. And I’m trying to be all strong and unconcerned because it’s a standard procedure and nothing’s going to go wrong or anything (I honestly believe that,) but I’m still scared. They’re still messing with my heart. And I hate catheters.


  • gigglecam

    November 22, 2001 at 10:56 am

    What a lovely friend to make the cup. 100% love there my dear.

  • elvis

    November 22, 2001 at 10:02 pm

    You have my prayers.